Mövenpick Ice Cream Parlour, Cairns

Regardless of time, place or occasion, I’m always naturally inclined towards ice cream. Live with me for a week and you’ll no doubt hear me yelling down the stairs “I want ice cream for dinner!” When asked what my favourite food is, I can never decide on an answer (being enthusiastic about so many foods), but if actions speak louder than words, then maybe, just maybe, it’s Ice Cream.

In Sydney, I like stocking up on tubs of Serendipity Ice Cream but where would ChocolateQueen, Daisy Moo and I go to satisfy a late night sweet tooth in Cairns? The Mövenpick Ice Cream Parlour of course! Sitting at the northern end of the Esplanade, we were lucky enough to find parking straight across the road. I was first introduced to Mövenpick ice cream while in Geneva by Herr Mouttard while choosing a movie in a video store. It’s a common product/brand over there (being Swiss), with the ice creams available in supermarkets and even Mövenpick branded restaurants.

Iced Chocolate

So pretty! Our iced chocolate is served in an impossibly tall glass. I’ve put the sugar container there in an effort to do it justice. I am not exaggerating, to get to the straw I had to Stand Up (No laughing at my petite stature please lol). If you order this, I recommend leaving it for a few minutes to let the chocolate ice cream sink to the bottom, otherwise, your first few sips will taste only of plain milk. Overall, it’s a darker/bitter tasting iced chocolate and quite rich – it took all three of us to finish it lol.

Belgian Waffles
Served with Crème Brulee and Tiramisu ice cream

You can choose any two ice cream flavours you like:) The Crème brulee was sweet with only a slight caramel flavour (there’s also a caramel ice cream flavour available) I was particularly impressed with the Tiramisu ice cream. Normally, I find tiramisu ice creams heavily laden with coffee flavouring and not much else, but this particular version had a finely balanced mix of coffee and liqueur – I could have eaten it (and the waffles) all day!. The waffle was warm and fluffy, dense enough for me to feel like I was getting a carb hit, while still light enough for me to keep wanting more. The designated waffle connoisseur in our trio, Daisy Moo, commented that she preferred the waffles at the Guylian Café, simply because they had a crisper edge to them.

Romanoff Coupe
Vanilla Dream and Strawberry ice creams, served with fresh strawberries, berry sauce and whipped cream

Underneath the mounds of ice cream, we found a generous serve of fat, juicy strawberries coated in syrup. While the strawberry ice cream was nice, the vanilla really stole the show.

Many people will label vanilla ice cream as the most boring ice cream flavour. I whole heartedly disagree. For those who need some convincing, I dare you to try the Vanilla Dream ice cream:P I was simply blown away. With it’s tiny black vanilla specks and gorgeously thick, creamy texture, we all found ourselves gravitating towards the white blobs in our glass.

Overall, the ice cream was rich and creamy – just the way I like it. I’ve never been to the Mövenpick ice cream at Manly back in Sydney, but if it sells little tubs of the Mövenpick icecream like it’s Cairns counterpart, I might just have to give it a quick visit:)

Movenpick Ice Cream
Shop5a/ 95 -105
The Esplanade


Anonymous said...

OOohhh we REALLY need one of these in Sydney! That iced chocolate looks divine mmmm

On On said...

That was a good waffle. :) I must go to guylian cafe soon.


Miss Honey said...

Hi Cairns Ice Cream Lover, that Baskins and Robbins has been around for aages - I remember it from when I was lil lol. I've seen that young boy too - I think he's the owner's son? He usually surfs the net on a nearby laptop when not serving. Hopefully there's still a bit of time for this place...

Hi FFichiban, apparently there's one in Manly? I haven't actually laid eyes on it yet though lol.

Hey ChocolateQueen - I'll put Guylian Cafe on my list of things to do when I get back to Sydney:D You'd love it:)

Maria said...

I recently discovered a Movenpick has opened in Melbourne. We were taking a walk down at docklands and came across it. Even though it was a warm night, we didn't get any ice-cream. It was closed at 9.30 pm!! Might have been closed because they've only just opened. But after reading your post, I definitely need to get down there again.

Anonymous said...

Rarr I saw the Movenpick in Manly but it did not look cafe-like more like ice cream parlour :( but I shall check it out soonish hopefully hee hee thhxx

Anonymous said...

Yes have been to the the Cairns Movenpick and it's fabulous, with the best icecream I have ever tasted. Much better then the Baskin store which look very tired and dirty, with terible icecream too.

Arshia said...

Movenpick has the most sinful ice-cream ever! I used to live in NZ and when my husband and I visit Auckland we have to go to Movenpick once every 2 days as a ritual! It's divine :)))

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