Monaco Bar

That’s right, the Monaco Bar is back (and has been for a little while now). We got our grubby little hands on them the other night and sat back to reminisce about the pre-Maxibon era.

More accurately, Sindel and I reminisced - Herr Moutarde was wondering what all the fuss was about (apparently Nestle didn’t introduce the Monaco Bar to it’s home country?!) and Daisy Moo and Chocolate Queen didn’t place it in their childhoods at all…

Misaligned packaging

Even the label declares it’s back! Meanwhile I was looking at the miscut packaging…I guess an ‘Onaco’ Bar is just as good??

Before we open them up, Sindel reminds me of the gold wrapping that used to come on these, it was like opening a present!


Alas there is no golden present like wrapping:( I still greedily tuck into my icecream sandwich… It really was as good as I remembered:) although slightly bigger – which is fine by me!

Herr Moutarde was wondering where all his icecream was, and quickly finds out that he was gripping too hard and has managed to squeeze all the icecream out! I joke that his iron grip was an attempt to contain his excitement lol.

In the end, we remained a house divided – Monaco Bar girls (Sindel and I) vs Maxibon Loyalists (Herr Moutarde, Daisy Moo, Chocolate Queen).

If you’re someone who prefers the biscuit side of the Maxibon, you HAVE TO give this a try:) I look forward to the day they migrate away from 7 elevens, into the wider icecream selling world!


Hayley said...

Oooh did you find this at the 7-11 on King Street?

I heartily LOVED Monaco Bars, and show a disproportionate dislike for Maxibons, simply because the swooped on in and removed their superior cousin from the market.

Monaco Bar Vs. Maxibon is proof that simplicity in food is often best!

(I could perhaps be biased by my country of origin and age. But we won't talk about that)

Miss Honey said...

Yep, found in the freezer section of the Newtown 7-11:)

Hayley they are reeeeely good!!! Grab one! I'm always one to scoff the first half of the maxibon to get to the 'good cookie half' at the end anyway , so this is perfect for me lol


daisy moo said...

wouldnt it be hilarous if i rig the monaco bar poll??

Onnie said...

I quite enjoyed this... will have to have a maxibon asap so I can compare though...eating a monaco bar like 2 days ago compared to a maxibon 2 weeks ago could make me bias as to whether I like monaco or maxibon more. Plus it's an excuse to eat more ice cream :)

PS. wanna do my chem for me.... do ya do ya do ya?? *smiles*

Anonymous said...

Ooohh a few of my friends have been talking about this and I really want to try! I am very disappointed at Maxibons ever since they got smaller and pricier but I am in need of an ice cream sandwich fix :)

Howard said...

Monaco bar is awesome, but sometimes I stare at it's simplicity and wonder if I can make my own :)

I'm still a loyal consumer of Maxibon though. It's always fun when you don't know which side you will get when you open the wrapper (biscuit or chocolate)

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