Vue De Monde, Melbourne

Have just returned from a fun trip to Melbourne! I’m just itching to travel at the moment, this time last year I was on the other side of the planet, exploring/eating my way through Paris, Rome and London and this year, I’m feeling cold cold cold in my winter Sydney bubble. At the start of the year, Herr Mouttard and I booked some flights down to Melbourne and promptly forgot about them – it was Aaages away. How time flies and soon the flight and the trip were screaming out to us and considering my mood, couldn’t have come at a better time.

I simply adore Melbourne. I really enjoy the people with their laid back vibe, it’s bar friendly night life and last but not least, the shopping. Not in a long time had I felt like such a consumerist – watch out ladies, the urge to buy Everything could easily well, consume you….. I also appreciated the logical and efficient public transport down there. As much as I love Sydney, I have to admit, our public transport is awful, I’m grateful I can drive if needed…

Anyway, back to the food, we booked a lunch at Vue De Monde, so we could save the night for a wine bar. It was a wonderful dining experience, I can see why it's so highly rated. If we had the time I would have been tempted by their custom degustation menu at night, where they tailor the degustation depending on what you feel like.

Sourdough, Wholemeal and White miniature bread rolls

Bread is routinely refreshed, other choices included Rye and Olive.

Salt, Pepper, Butter


Wagyu Boeuf Servi Dans Une Coquille De Taco De Maïs
Wagyu beef set into a sweet corn taco shell with an avocado puree and diced tomato

This sounded so good on the menu we all ordered it. The wagyu beef, as expected, was extremely tender, with a sweet taste that matched the sweet taco shell. I loved the textures on this plate, the combination of the loud crunchy taco shell, the super smooth avocado puree together with the succulent beef and slightly chewy pork floss like topping was fantastic.

Jus Au Verjus
Liquid verjus at - 8°C

I didn’t realise the theatre of our palate cleanser until it had already started so apologise because there should’ve been a picture at the beginning to start this series. After the entrée, we were presented with a martini glass holding a spoonful of grapefruit granita. The waiter then whipped out test tubes of distilled - 8°C water and poured it over the granita, the result being that it freezes separately on top of the granita, making a little peak of ice. Finally, verjus is added to the glass. Don’t ask me how the water was still liquid at - 8°C, that’s just what we were told. Whatever the science behind it, it was definitely refreshing and I loved the little drama of the serving.

Joue De Veau Braisée
Braised veal cheek with black bean and orange infused carrot

Both Logo and I opt for the veal cheek, which is braised and served with a black bean sauce and carrot in four forms. The plate is adorned with ribbons and discs of carrot and each cheek piece is crowned with a sweet baby carrot. The most interesting part of the plate for me was the orange infused carrot puree. Firstly it was the silkiest smooth puree I’ve ever had and secondly I was amazed at how much orange flavour had been infused into it.

Rumsteck De Mouton
Mutton rump with pomme Anna and morel sauce

Herr Mouttard was very pleased with this dish, I had a little bite and it was beautiful. The mutton was succulent and perfectly cooked and went nicely with the rich sauce and avocado.
Giant potato chips and tomato sauce

Who doesn’t enjoy potato on the side?

Very unlike me but I decided not to have dessert, and the boys passed on the cheese, which led us straight to espressos, macchiato and petit fours!

Petit Fours
Salted Blood orange jelly, Macaron, Icecream Florentine Sandwich, Coconut and lychee jelly, caramel filled chocolate ball topped with silver leaf

To date, these are the best petit fours I’ve ever had. Yes, that’s right, I’m adding a great big generalised statement to this post… I’m not sure if the descriptions are exactly right so adding a disclaimer, but you get the idea:) My favourite was definitely the chocolate ball. The waiter serving us recommended that we eat it in one bite, as the caramel is quite runny. It was possibly the sexiest mouthful of the day, the smooth sweet liquid caramel blending with the bitter melting chocolate on the tongue is just sensational.

Vue de Monde, translated to mean view of the world, is a beautiful escape from the urban city it resides in. The dining room is fresh yet elegant (my favourite parts are the little plants sitting in upturned wine glasses which hang from the roof and the open kitchen) and while it’s undoubtedly a first class dining experience, it forgets to be stuffy and uptight - which is refreshing in itself. Staff and service is warm and professional and at the end I was extended a helping hand down the stairs (Did I look that fragile?), which, while definitely not necessary as I was in flat shoes that day, was a lovely little touch.

Vue De Monde
Normanby Chambers
430 Little Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: +61 3 9691 3888
Fax: +61 3 9600 4600

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