The familiar blogger screen greets me! As you may or may not know, I'm currently out of Sydney and have been living in Cairns (out of a very modest suitcase). In the last few months, my entire life has been literally turned upside down and so many things, including food related adventures have been put on hold... Being relatively young (I like to think) and free from major traumatic experiences until now (I've been very fortunate), this prolonged period of stress and personal tragedy is heartwrenching for me. To say the least, confronting the frailty of human life has been shocking to the system. I imagine in the future I'll be able to reflect on this time and gain some sort of wisdom and perhaps even find some small positive note to the whole experience but that day is far, far away. From what I can gather at this point: Life can be terribly unfair (she is afterall, a bitch), and health is something we all take for granted at times.

In terms of my blogging, I have a giant backlog of posts I'd love to share with you, but time is becoming increasingly precious and unfortunately blogging regularly isn't possible. I'm still managing to read snippets of my regular food blog schedule (go Iphone!), but cooking and eating out is difficult. Not to mention that since the flooding disaster here in the Far North, grocery stores are pretty much empty - fresh fruit and veg is scarce and even the sugar section was empty the other day. Hopefully, a huge convoy of Coles/Woolies trucks will be here soon!!

I quite miss my interaction in the wider food blogging community and hopefully I'll be back in action within the next 2 months:) Until then, I'm happy to continue reading and drooling over other food blogs:D

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