Jamie Oliver Vs Mario Batali - Celebrity Chef Faceoff!

Warning SPOILER! Through friends with Pay TV, Herr Mouttarde was able to report that he’d just witnessed Jamie Oliver’s defeat in his showdown with American Iron Chef (Italian) Mario Batali. Mario Batali, the Michelin star winning American is a favourite of Herr Mouttarde's, who appreciates the fine dining slant which all his meals on the series have taken so far, while I’ve recently reverted to be being a Jamie Oliver fan again (love/hate relationship), after rehashing his early cookbooks from some dusty and forgotten shelves.

While not particularly high profile here in Australia, Mario Batali has had his fair share of media exposure in the US. He was part of the Food Network family, with multiple TV shows and has gone on to open a string of restaurants, including a Michelin Star winner Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca. He’s had a handful of cooking shows and has further opened a string of restaurants. Jamie Oliver probably needs less of an explanation to the Australian audience, with Jamie At Home repeats showing on Channel 10, I still remember his early Naked Chef series and all the rest, including that onstage cooking tour he embarked on a few years back.

So, in a battle of celebrity chefs Mario Batali has triumphed – by only 2 points. Who would you have voted for?? I was backing Jamie lol. I’m planning to watch the episode myself so asked not to be told details and apparently Jamie will be taking on the rest of the American Iron Chefs as part of a series. How do you think he’ll fare?? I think this concept makes for great TV, especially for foodies like me:D I’d love to see a cook off involving Gordon Ramsay.

Who would star in your ultimate celebrity chef showdown?


Karen said...

I love your question! Hands down, mine are...

...Alain Ducasse (my fave chef in the world) vs Ferran Adria!

I'd also love to see Gordon Ramsay vs Thomas Keller.

Wow - fantasy tv indeed!!

Maria said...

In response to Karen, If it was a battle between Alain Ducasse and Ferran Adria they would have to put aside 6 months for prep work!!

I'm no sure who I would like to see, but I think it would be heaps of fun if they all had some sort f handicap...like remove all the knives or dont let them use any water....because lets face it, we're in a drought.
I'm in a very cheeky mood tonight.

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

I second Karen's suggestions, great pairings there! Would love to see Gordon Ramsay vs Alain Ducasse and Joel Robuchon thrown into the mix too :)

Anonymous said...

:O I am a Jaime fan all the way XD

Thomas said...

It'll be a dream come true to see famous top chefs to cook against each other!
I would also like to see Ramsay vs Keller!

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