Black Star Pastry, Newtown

Tucked just off King St, I felt like Black Star Pastry was my little bakery secret – until H mentioned it’s gingerbread ninjas. Secret’s Out! The bakery also functions as a café and although I’ve never eaten in, the polished surrounds and friendly staff create an intimate setting, regardless of how busy it gets. I do feel this is an inadequate post in terms of pictures, since the following snapshots are only a small slice of what’s really on offer…

The place is run by Christopher The, formerly of Quay, Claudes and Sonoma’s, who creates a multitude of sweet and savoury goodies, in addition to some seriously good bread. Glancing around, the sweet section of the shop is laid out in an open manner on cooling racks adorning the counters. Little chocolates, those gingerbread ninjas (so cute) and little bite size chocolates easily tempt me at every turn.

Lemon Curd Biscuit

I choose this one! True to my penchant for lemon, this really was a no brainer. The thumbnail biscuit is delicately crumbly while the lemon curd is silky with that satisfying tang.

What really caught my eye were the jams for sale, near the cash register I eyed off the large jars of marmalade and rose petal jam before deciding to wait for next time.

Mushroom Quiche

Inside the Mushroom Quiche

Herr Mouttard’s savoury option, we also chose a baguette that day which we gobbled up quickly! Lovely quiche, the pastry was perfect and the bread on the baguette (brie and salad) was probably the best I’ve had in a while.

I find Black Star Pastry an elegant patch in the of Newtown, it’s products with an air of refinement equal to the showiness of my other favourite bakery
Adriano Zumbo. While Zumbo definitely has an edge on sweetness with his gorgeous and decadent creations, Black Star Pastry offers much better bread (big plus for me) and savouries. It’s also more convenient than Sonomas me lol. To me it’s quite similar to the smaller patisseries/boulangeries I encountered while in Paris, which were full of dazzling and delicious creations and truly sanctuaries of all things baked.

277 Australia St
Newtown, NSW, 2042
Ph: (02) 9557 8656

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Simon Food Favourites said...

looks delicious.
Simon :-)

Maria said...

oh man, that lemon curd biscuits looks great. I want to eat one now!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Oooh I have this on my list! OK good to know, I'll go there for the breads and leave my dessert tank for Zumbo :)

chocolatesuze said...

gingerbread ninjas?! oh man that sounds so cute! did ya take a pic?

Miss Honey said...

Hi Simon, I love bakeries, so having a great one extremely close is a blessing lol.

Hi Maria, it was good - I might try making them at home:D

Hi Lorraine, I doubt we'll find a better dessert tank filler than Zumbo lol.

Hi Suze, I did, but my noob point and shoot camera made it blurry:( I'll try again next time, or even better, bring you one when your markets start up:D

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