Sensing Mid Autumn Festival’s arrival and hence the beginning of the end of mooncake season, Daisy Moo and I went on a frantic mooncake mission through Chinatown to secure our boxes of mooncake goodness.

Now you may think that getting mooncakes would be a simple transaction: enter shop, purchase goods, leave shop; but let me tell you otherwise. The numerous brands…the endless flavours….the swarms of people hoarding over the same box…it can be a hard day’s work lol.

This year, we managed to get a hold of a reasonable array of flavours, from a few different brands, some we’ve never even tried before.

For those who’ve never seen a traditional mooncake, it’s a square, or sometimes rectangular, or round ‘cake’ that’s actually a block of lotus seed paste covered in pastry. You can also get them with salted duck yolks inside. Yes, I understand that may sound weird, but believe me when I say they are delicious:) They’re usually served cut into little wedges and conveniently, there’s always a plastic knife inside the box when you buy them.

Long ago, the only flavour you could get was lotus seed paste, but now you can choose from a huge range of modern type flavours. We saw durian, black sesame, white lotus, pandan flavoured lotus and taro on our travels this year. Being in Australia, I’m sure this would only be a limited range of what’s actually produced in Asia – I’d love to see what flavours are on offer in Hong Kong/Malaysia/China during this time of year!

Mooncake Tin

Square mooncake with the usual pastry embellishments

Mooncake tin

Round mooncake

This particular mooncake had a green filling (Pandan flavoured), which shows through the pastry, fear not, it is not anything suspicious!!!

Inside the mooncake!

Pandan flavoured lotus seed paste, with 2 yolks, elegantly called ‘golden jade’.

Mooncake tin

A Wing Wah mooncake

Plain Lotus seed paste filling

There is a reason that these are the perennial favourite, the filling is sweet, smooth and mouthwatering:)
Sadly, mooncake season is now over – there’s always next year!


Hayley said...

Oooh I've never had mooncakes! Always been a little fascinated by them. I personally love the idea of yolks inside... mmmmmmm...

I know I'm kind of booking myself in a little early, but can I come try some next year?

Miss Honey said...

Yes! A mooncake party next year is a GREAT idea!! I'll make sure to organise in advance:)

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