Cafe in the House, Canberra

I admit I was long overdue for a Canberra visit – it’s been too long since I’ve seen K. My itinerary from Cairns to Canberra saw me waking at 3am, jumping onto 2 (poorly timed) connecting flights and entering Canberra at 11. Needless to say, by the time I arrived at the airport, I was a mess… K and Sindel greeted me at the airport and we promptly headed for some breakfast/brunch – I knew I turned down the airplane food for a reason!!

We head to the café inside Old Parliament House, originally named Café in the House.

Sweet Corn Cakes

K starts her morning with the Corn Cakes, being enticed by the prospect of spiced guacamole. If guacamole doesn’t tickle your fancy you can also have them with bacon, tomato and rocket salad.

Eggs Benedict

Sindel and I both had the Eggs Benedict. I was originally back at my usual Sweet vs Savoury breakfast dilemma, because I couldn’t decide between the Lemon Soufflé Pancakes and the above Corn Cakes, but at the very last minute (like always), I diverted to having the reliable eggs – runny yolks get me every time:)

I was really impressed with the meal I got that morning. The eggs were perfectly cooked, the salmon was delicious, the toast underneath was crisp and the sauce itself was rich but not sickeningly thick. I raved that they were the best Eggs Benedict I’d had in a while :D

So if you’re ever in Canberra, Café in the House do a lovely breakfast. The service was impeccable and coffee wasn’t bad either:)

Café in the House
Old Parliament House
King George Terrace
Parkes, Canberra, ACT
Phone: (02) 6270 8156


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