Pastizzi Café, Newtown

Not too long ago, the word ‘Pastizzi’ would have elicited quite a few puzzled looks. But now, thanks to the Pastizzi Café, Sydneysiders can enjoy a pastizzi with coffee, a pastizzi on the run or perhaps indulge in a pastizzi extravaganza meal.

Pastizzi originate from Maltese cuisine, where they’re usually filled with ricotta or a pea mixture and usually eaten as a snack.

I love pastizzi. I love biting through that golden, flaky pastry and hitting the tasty goodness inside…. And I love their versatility – sweet, savoury, vegetarian, snack, meal…

That being said, it’s probably not a great surprise that I do, in fact, love the Pastizzi Café and do pop in regularly, for a quick snack. Recently, Daisy Moo and I found ourselves buying a few to share after a looong morning of work.

Piping hot!

Chicken and mushroom

Not a flavour I usually get, but it is delicious. The chicken is tender and the mushrooms are juicy and full of flavour – yum!!!

Chilli Con Carne

One of my usual choices, it’s bursting with beef and beans and usually a decent hit of spice.


My favourite hands down. The filling is a divine mixture of meat, carrot, sultanas and egg and although it took a few trips before I first ordered it, I’ve never looked back:)


I love that you can round off a mini meal of pastizzi with…..a sweet pastizzi lol. Apple is a nice one and the people serving always dramatically sprinkle them with icing sugar for you:)

Real fruit inside!

This is only a very small range of pastizzi flavours available; others include spinach and ricotta, salmon and dill, veggie curry, chocolate ricotta and cherry cheese.

Although it is indeed full of pastizzi, there are many other pleasures on offer at the Pastizzi Café. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a menu including ravioli, kannoli, mains and desserts such as tiramisu and cake. They also do a decent coffee:)

Pastizzi Café
523 King St
Newtown, NSW, 2042
Phone: (02) 9519 1063


Onnie said...

ooh, I like this layout. :D

ying said...

that daisy moo is one awesom chicken!

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