Rosso Pomodoro Pizzeria, Balmain

While Dominos/Pizza Hut pizzas will always serve a purpose, I relish quality authentic takeaway pizza. Whilst enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon at JJW and Snow White’s house, Herr Moutarde and I realised we’d have to forgo dinner out plans :) We were due for an appearance at a housewarming party and there was simply no time - we’d spent most of it with relaxed drinks and conversation, some trashy pay tv (cue Exiled) and a cute little puppy called Pippie. Being out of our own little area, we decided to grab some takeaway pizza from Rosso Pomodoro, a perfect solution which meant we could continue being our social selves AND fit a meal in:)

After placing our order we quickly drove to get pizza! And who was to be the pizza mule? Me. Gracefully (as only I know how), I darted through the fat rain droplets, avoided a giant puddle/pothole (or did I…), and ended up in the doorway of Rosso Pomodoro, where I was greeted with a hearty “Ciao Bella!” I have to say, whilst I was only in the premises for a relatively short period of time, I was very taken with the staff. They were cheery and warm, with dreamy Italian accents and an enthusiasm I rarely see when popping in for some takeway.

Our pizza’s were freshly cooked and ready to go:)

Tomato, Italian mozzeralla, hot salami, capsicum

I’m usually apprehensive about the Diavola whenever I get pizza because many a time, I’ve been left numb in the mouth from excessively hot salami – before I even get full! But this one had been recommended strongly to us by Snow White and JJW, and for good reason, it’s delicious! The salami was fiery without being overpowering, while the capsicum was juicy and tender.

Tomato, Italian mozzarella and fresh mushrooms

Gorgeous meaty mushrooms made for a satisfying vegetarian option. A fresh zing added by the scattered parsley on top.

Herr Moutarde is notoriously picky with his pizzas. Having enjoyed homestyle Italian pizzas for most of his life overseas, he’s still searching for the perfect pizza here in Sydney. He often laments at the thick doughey pizza bases, piled much too high with a myriad of mismatched toppings, which seem to be ubiquitous here, even in supposedly “authentic” pizzerias. Not this time. The bases were superbly thin and crispy (and not in the Dominos thin crust way) and the toppings were simple, fresh and minimal:) This coupled with some simple rules including - NO half & half, ONLY Italian mozzarellla and NO corkage if you dine in, and the big one - “NO ham & pineapple” was enough to coax the seal of approval from Herr Moutarde, the pizza purist.

We’re yet to eat in at this little gem in Balmain, but we’ve been told aside from the delicious pizza, they also do a fantastic antipasto plate. Will keep you posted on that one.

Rosso Pomodoro Pizzeria
Shop 90-91
24 Buchanan St
Balmain (White Bay)
Phone: (02) 9555 5924


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH are you srss?!?! I just went to Rosso Pomodoro for dinner last night! what a coincidence ^^! I love the Italian mozzarella they use yummm

Anonymous said...

sorry to dbl post but did u see the interesting paintings on the right wall when you entered? haha funny stuff

Teresa said...

I LOVE this place!!!!! Authentic pizza is wonderfully tasty and can be easily polished off!

Lorraine E said...

Ooh I've got this on my "to eat" list. Thanks for the review :)

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Yum, you can't beat a good pizza! Haven't been here but I've heard good things :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

i remember enjoying the pizzas when i was there. yum yum. enjoy eating in because they'll even be hotter and fresher and no washing up!

simon :-)

Miss Honey said...

Hey all:)

FFichiban - no I didn't happen to catch these "interesting" paintings, I'm all curious now lol. You'll have to put them on your post for me.

Teresa - I agree, I can only stomach a few slices of dominos type pizza but could eat a whole pizza when the bases are this thin lol.

Lorraine - no probs, let me know what you think of the wait staff during a dine in experience, I was enamoured!

Helen - I haven't been before either since I'm not usually out this way, but considering how close it actually is, I might alternate between this place and my regular pizza place:)

Simon - no washing up is always a winner with me:D I have no doubt I'd be tempted for dessert if I ate in as well lol

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